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Candace's TeePees Is Closing For Business on May 21st, 2015

Thank you all for the years of great fun.

All TeePees remaining in stock will be sold for a flat charge of $40.00 plus shipping.
There aren't many so order quickly.

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See some of what's left here

If you don't see one you like email me. I may have some other material that can be assembled quickly for an additional small charge.

I think my TeePees are the best anywhere and I know you will too. No rough wood or staples. Each TeePee is hand made with the best material and designed for safety, cleaning and storage. Many people have copied my TeePees using cheap materials and are selling them on the web for as much as $175.00 for a small TeePee. One even used a TeePee she bought from me as her advertisement photo. Mine are and always will be, the best!

Look At My Parts Here

Fancy TeePee

See how easy it is to open, close and store my TeePees.

Opening a TeePee Movie    -----    Closing a TeePee Movie

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My price list includes mailing insurance.  I take Visa & MasterCard with just a phone call. Visa & MasterCard

Just email me to arrange a call

Because of USPS pricing, zip codes east of the Great Lakes I must add an additional $8.00 postage.

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